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It is essential to carry out an initial analysis to assess the viability

of a project


The Wagyu breed has various bloodlines and each one a particular trait (maternity, marbling, carcass, etc.). It is of highest importance to make a directed selection of the
genetic traits for each objective,

in particular, rotating the genetic

line and thus avoiding the inbreeding of the race.

Sound nutrition protocols at the breeding, rearing, and feed-lot stages are indispensable to  achieve

the level of marbling the markets require. The efficiency of good programs at each stage, will determine the profitability of

the business.

Development of fixed- time artifical insemination (FTAI) programs.

At the same time, we work with

the most qualified veterinarians specializing in embryonic

transfer and in-vitro fertilization.

Thanks to our vast experience, we can develop crossbreeding programs for the Wagyu with Angus, Holstein, and Polled Hereford as well as

with Brahma and Brangus

in tropical climates.

We offer advice on herd management and health planning

in order to enhance the efficiency of your current system adapting to the conditions of any specific region and, of course, conditions of each establishment in particular.

For a Wagyu steer to produce the coveted Kobe Beef, it requires that the animal is harvested at a select age, at a specific weight, and has a very specific level of marbling at
the time of slaughter. During the butchering process, it is fundamental to identify the PREMIUM cuts, along with those of medium and low grade, in order to give the final value to the beef that justifies the sale.

'Farm To Table'
It is of utmost importance to have reliable traceability standards that determine and define the quality of the production of your Wagyu beef. We work with conventional standards similar to those standards required for Kosher and organic certification.

Without a doubt, Sales is one of

the most fundamental links in the production chain. Addressing the individuality of each client allows us to develop the right program for the
direct sale of your product. This could be sales strategies with other producers or perhaps strategies for sale with other brokers.

The taste for great beef is part

of the Argentine DNA.

In order to share our expertise in

this regard, we plan and organize gastronomic educational tours specifically related to beef.

This way all those “foodies” will

be able to learn firsthand the farm

to table process and experience

what exactly went into that

“great roast” they’re enjoying.

It is vital to know the business landscape and consider aspects like: potential, market share, consumers, competitors, etc. For this reason,

we provide essential support when creating marketing and

advertising strategies.

Wagyu 360 would like to help you strengthen your business, and part of that strength comes from making your brand as an inspirational one. Great memories for your customers creates lasting impressions for your brand. As such importance should be placed on planning and developing the "world" that you would like to offer as a customer experience.

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