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At Wagyu 360° we offer comprhensive consulting services for beef producers and

investors who want to venture into the world of the Wagyu and Premium Beef. In addition to the Wagyu, we offer our services to the vendors who desire to build

upon existing production value chains in order to achieve greater

sustainability and stability in your business.



We dedicate full-time professional commitment to the project at hand.


We approach each project with enthusiasm and responsibility because we believe in what we can do and achieve together.


We are constantly looking for new trends in order to develop sustainable projects for the medium and long term.


The Wagyu is a breed that can trace its origins back to Japan. One of the defining characteristics of the

breed, achieved by visrtue of select breeding, is a high percentage of intramuscular fat. This attribute is unique to

the Wagyu which makes it one of the most desirable meat breeds in the world. The Wagyu, however, is much more than that. It represents passion and devotion by the breeding and development of the race. In similar fashion to when one discusses the world of fine wines and cheeses, a conversation about the Wagyu denotes sophistication, knowledge of breeders, fattening techniques, ripeness, and perhaps even specific butchery

and gastronomic preparations. We like to think, because of this, the Wagyu can easily be classified as
one of the Wonders of the Modern World.

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