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Wagyu 360 ° is dedicated to the development and full assessment of the production and marketing of Wagyu beef. We have over a decade in the industry, drawing upon experiences in places like Argentina, The United States, Australia, and Ecuador. The primary focus of our work has been in the planning, development, and implementation of the Wagyu production as well as the subsequent marketing, and eventual sale and distribution, of the product.

Devotion to the production of the Wagyu requires certain knowledge as well as specific
techniques. The race is known for producing the characteristic “Wagyu Beef” marbling which implies certain fundamental determinations in its breeding as well as its eventual slaughter and butchery.

​Likewise, as connoisseurs of this exciting race, we know that the quality of their meat

is not only thanks to breeding and slaughter. Commercial specifications are part and parcel when it comes to discussion of Wagyu Beef. For this reason, a conversation

must include dialogue about traceability and accountability because it not

only gives us information about their origins but each step in the process

carried out between the “farm” and the “table".

​To achieve the “table” part of the equation, it’s important to target the sophisticated consumer. The individual knows what Wagyu Beef is and has perhaps traveled the globe satisfying their palate with the best the world has to offer. This individual is the one who knows that Wagyu Beef is so much more than a big-name chef and a high-end restaurant. They also know that the entire production process, literally farm to table, is what makes the world of Wagyu Beef experience a world unto itself. For that reason, Wagyu 360° provides commercial advice and assistance in developing sales and
marketing strategies according to the needs of each client.

​Ultimately, passion for the breed is not enough by itself. As people who love what we do and who love each project we are part of, we assume the commitment of providing all our potential as professionals and people. From the continuous training of our staff, transparency in the management and administration of our clients’ resources, and always ensuring the efficiency and effectiveness in the use of them, we are always looking for new and effective opportunities for your business.

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Lun/Mon - Vie/Fri: 8am - 5pm

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